Iron Brewer III Semifinals Slated for June Meeting


We have completed the first round in the clubs third Iron Brewer competition, which is the homebrewing version of the Iron Chef TV show. Brewers are paired off in a head-to-head competition and given a special ingredient that they must use in a beer. Club members taste the resulting beers at a monthly meeting and vote for the ones they like best. Winners continue on to the next round until there is one final match-up.


In the first round, Alex S. and his rosemary Baltic porter edged out Joel S.s rosemary wheat (by a single vote); Brandon F.s banana cream ale bested Jacob M.s banana dubbel; Tre B.s lemon agave wit defeated Kyle O.s agave malt liquor; and Judson P.s red beet rye pale ale needed a tiebreaker to beat Jeremy R.s red beet raisin rye porter.


For the second round, Alex and Tre will square off with mustard seed as their special ingredient, while Judson and Brandon will be brewing with Reeses peanut butter cups.


The tasting/judging for the second round will occur at the club meeting on June 3.



Club Grain Store


The club has some specialty grains available for purchase by the pound. Here are the available ingredients and prices:

Baird pale ($0.70/pound)

Best Malz pilsen ($0.75/pound)

Best Malz light munich ($0.75/pound)

Best Malz vienna ($0.75/pound)

Briess carapils ($0.90/pound)

Briess victory ($0.95/pound)

Fawcett chocolate ($0.90/pound)

Great Western crystal 40L ($0.90/pound)

Great Western crystal 60L ($0.80/pound)

MFB caramunich 120L ($0.75/pound)

Clear Belgian candi syrup ($3.25/pound)

D2 dark Belgian candi syrup ($4.25/pound)


If you would like to buy any of these ingredients from the club store, contact Jeff Tonole.





Who We Are


The Ithaca Practitioners of Alemaking (IPA) is a homebrew club based in Ithaca, NY. We currently meet at 7:30 pm on the first Tuesday of each month at Bandwagon Brewpub (114 N. Cayuga Street). The meetings are casual and informal, providing an opportunity to share some homebrew (as well as homemade wine, cider, and mead) and talk with fellow brewing enthusiasts.


Beyond the monthly meetings, annual club events include Big Brew and Learn to Homebrew Day (group brewing sessions in May and November, respectively) and an Oktoberfest party in late September/early October. Group purchases of brewing ingredients and/or equipment also occur from time to time.


Anyone who homebrews or wants to learn the craft of brewing is welcome to attend our monthly meetings. You are encouraged to bring some homebrew to the meeting; otherwise, just bring your thirst for knowledge and good beer.


If you have any questions or want more information about the club, drop us an e-mail.



Upcoming Events


June 3: Monthly meeting at Bandwagon Brewpub (114 N. Cayuga Street) at 7:30 pm. Iron Brewer III semifinal judging at this meeting.


July 1: Monthly meeting at Bandwagon Brewpub (114 N. Cayuga Street) at 7:30 pm.


August 5: Monthly meeting at Bandwagon Brewpub (114 N. Cayuga Street) at 7:30 pm. Iron Brewer III final judging at this meeting.



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